More protein per bite than any other meat source!!!

97% fat free and contains 40% more protein than beef

A 6oz steak has 100 fewer calories than grain-fed beef

Buffalo spend most of their lives feeding on grass, so they are not subject to drugs, hormones, or chemicals

Eating 5oz of buffalo, 3-4 times per week can help most people reduce LDL cholesterol 40 to 45% over 6 months

Buffalo meat has fewer calories and less cholesterol than chicken or fish

Buffalo has much less fat than beef so you get more edible meat for your money

Buffalo does not taste wild like some game meats

Buffalo meat is the only red meat that is non-allergenic

Buffalo was the main diet of the Native Americans living on the American Plains who: never had cancer, never had heart disease or heart attacks

Buffalo are the only mammals not to get cancer

Buffalo can be switched with beef in most recipes

Buffalo meat cooks faster than beef because there are far less fat in the meat to insulate it from heat

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